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So what really is an Orthoptist?

Hello! My name is Breanna and I'm an Orthoptist. You're a what? *puzzled look on face* Yes, I am an Orthoptist. If I had a dollar for every time I have explained the role of an Orthoptist to someone then I would be a very wealthy person by now. A common misconception I am constantly faced with is the assumption that an Orthoptist works with teeth or feet. WRONG. Understandably, Orthoptist does sound like Orthodontist or Orthotist, but in fact an Orthoptist is actually involved in EYE health care. I decided to create this blog to not only try to simplistically highlight to individuals what an Orthoptist does at work but also to enhance awareness of the Orthoptics profession as we play an important role in eye health care. With an ageing population, the scope of practice for Orthoptist's is ever expanding in order to meet the demands of higher volumes of patients presenting to Ophthalmology clinics. To simply define an Orthoptist would be to say I am a university qual

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