World Sight Day

Happy World Sight Day 2018!

The aim of world sight day is to create awareness on avoidable blindness and vision impairment. Each day at work Orthoptists capture the impact of eye health on patients lives. Considering more than 75% of all blindness and vision impairment is avoidable, Orthoptists have an important role in reducing this statistic. 

The theme this year is 'Eye Care Everywhere'. This prompted reflection back three years ago to this day when I boarded a flight to the Philippines to be involved in an eye screening medical mission. I feel a hadn't quite grasped a true appreciation for the health care systems we have here in Australia until having the opportunity to be apart of this initiative in the Philippines. My perceptions of accessibility to health care as well as my outlooks on life completely changed from this experience. I can honestly say that volunteering to help combat preventable blindness in a third world country is such a touching journey which makes you realise that everyone (no matter where they are in the world) deserves accessibility to eye care. #EyeCareEverywhere

This year let's draw attention to eye care issues so that everyone, everywhere has quality access to eye health!
For more information follow the link…/world-sight-day/world-sight-day-2018/


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